Success stories

I feel that it has allowed my team to have a voice and not be intimidated to tackle issues or situations using the 4Ds. Staff feel empowered by this and know that if something isn't acceptable then it needs to be raised."

A member of staff reported feeling very uncomfortable about the conduct of a meeting. Although initially they did not want to take any action for fear of negative consequences, we discussed the 4D options and how situations may happen again if the person is not made aware of the impact of their actions on others. The member of staff decided to discuss the situation with the person and felt better for doing so. The person wasn't aware of their impact and apologised.”

In a work situation, I noticed that colleague was uncomfortable with what was being said by a person in a position of power. I chose to try and distract and take direct action with my interactions with that person. Generally my awareness has been raised by the training and I feel more likely to notice and intervene when I feel I am witnessing unacceptable / inappropriate behaviour."

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